2018 Bruno Portrait.jpg


Bruno, what do you like best about your job?

I always wanted to serve important people in a high quality environment, and this is exactly what I am doing at Limo Prestige.

What is most important to you in your job?

To provide a great customer experience. The safety of my clients and their satisfaction.

Can you be more explicit?

I make sure the car is clean and polished. I am a careful driver. I respect the law and I do not speed. I have never lost any “points”. I am discreet. I will not talk to anybody about whom I drove, with whom and where to. I only wear very light, natural deodorants. I drive smoothly, without strong acceleration or deceleration. My hands are clean. I keep a reserve of Evian water and antibacterial gel, for the benefit of my clients as well as my own. Also, I assist my clients in relation to their luggage and small tasks.

So are you the perfect driver?

Just like anybody else on the road, I cannot jump over congestions, and I cannot guarantee that I will never be late. And I am subject to all hazards of road traveling. But I do my best every day. I think about the routes in advance, and validate destinations with my clients before we depart.

What do you do outside working hours?

I like to read, from novels to National Geographic. In addition to my native Portuguese, I learned Spanish, English and French  outside school, on my own. Learning is very important to me. I am now learning German and Russian. I am also taking care of my two children.


French, English, Portuguese, conversational German


Novels, documentaries


Spending time with my two boys